Saturday, June 9, 2007

Saturday Dojo

The dojo met this morning in Inwood. Lucine Musaelian, Janet Hassett, Susan Daily-Rozendaal, Hugh Young, Hans Lie, Marine Musaelian, Sean Daily, and Lisa Dowling attended. We played scales in F, B-flat, and E-flat; repertoire from Dojo Book One; and Orlando Gibbons' variations on Goe From My Window. Hans played excerpts from Book Two in preparation for his upcoming graduation; Janet played the first movement of the Abel sonata in C-major; and Sean accompanied me in the Tombeau de Lully of Marin Marais.

Next Dojo, June 23. More Gibbons!

Toot Finale

On Saturday, June 2, members of the Texas Toot's viola da gamba class performed William Byrd's Fantasy à 6 #2 in the workshop's student concert. It was beautiful, and the teacher was proud.