Friday, February 25, 2011

Viola da Gamba Dojo Play-In/Concert, May 14, 2011

The Viola da Gamba Dojo of New York's Spring Play-In/Concert is now confirmed for Saturday, May 14 at Our Saviour's Atonement Lutheran Church at 178 Bennett Avenue.

Repertoire to be played will include works at a wide range of levels of difficulty, so no player is too young and none too advanced to play. The regular Dojo attendees are preparing William Byrd's In nomine à 5 #5, madrigals of John Wilbye, and items from the Repertoire of the Viola da Gamba Dojo. Additional repertoire will be chosen appropriate to the players who plan to play. I will send parts to players who would like to play but are unable to regularly attend the Viola da Gamba Dojo's Saturday morning sessions.

The afternoon's schedule will be as follows:
1:30 Set-up
2:00 Rehearsal
3:00 The youngest players will join the rehearsal in progress.
3:30 Break
4:00 Play-In/Concert

And please watch this space for further developments regarding The Viola da Gamba Dojo of New York's Boston Early Music Festival performance on Saturday, June 18; and The Viola da Gamba Dojo of New York's collaboration with the English viol consort, Gutted, in early July.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dojo, February 19, 2011

Dojo Meeting, February 19

Yesterday's Dojo was very fun and deluxe.

In attendance were Martha Bixler, Ella Blood, Jackson Blood, Walker Blood, Susan Daily, Janet Hassett, Hans and Judy Lie, Deborah Peters, Linda Plotkin, Sig Rosen, John Mark Rozendaal, and Heather Spence.

We practiced open string bow strokes; G-Major Scale; Folia variations; Dojo Book 2, numbers 6 - 10; John Wilbye's 'Happy Streams Whose Trembling Fall'; and William Byrd's fabulously In nomine à 5 # 5.

Next week (February 26) our practice will include Dojo Book 2, numbers 11-15; and John Wilbye's 'Change Me O Heav'ns'.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Calendar, Winter/Spring 2011

Saturday, February 5
Saturday, February 12
Saturday, February 19
Saturday, February 26
Saturday, March 5
(On Saturday, March 12 the Dojo will not meet.)
Saturday, March 19
(On Saturday, March 26 the Dojo will not meet. Please plan to attend the VdGS/GNY All Day Workshop)
(On Saturday, April 2 the Dojo will not meet.)
Saturday, April 9
Saturday, April 16
Saturday, April 23
Saturday, April 30
Saturday, May 7
Saturday, May 14 (Spring Concert date? Details t.b.a.)
(On Saturday, May 21 the Dojo will not meet.)
Saturday, May 28
(On Saturday, June 4 the Dojo will not meet. We will reschedule for another date in that week.)
Saturday, June 11
Saturday, June 18 - I have submitted application for the Dojo to perform at the Gamba Gamut to be presented by the VdGSA as a Boston Early Music Festival Concurrent Event.
Saturday, June 25

July 1 - 7 The English viol consort "Gutted", comprised of students in Jacqui Robertson-Wade's Warwickshire early music program in Warswickshire, will be visiting New York CIty. Stay tuned for information about a Gutted/Dojo collaboration that week.